In the 70's a band named Horizon was burning up the music scene in the south Louisiana area. Early in 1978, some of the members wanted to make a  change. Four of the members: Kim Leleux, Dana Latiolais, George Thomas and Laurie Labry left Horizon to start a new group. They contacted Huey Kern and Terry Guidry and asked them to join the band. We started rehearsing at Dana's house and you could feel we had something special.

Naming The Band:

Dana had been down to Galveston, Texas a few times and noticed the clubs that put Nickel Beer on their road side signs were packed. That was in the 60's when a Nickel was a Nickel! and you could get a draft for a Nickel! He figured it would be a good name for a band ! Well it worked....the name got them in and the band kept them coming back....

Like all bands, NIKLBEER has been through it's share of changes! From band members to musical styles: Disco, Funk, Urban Cowboy, Swamp Pop, Country, Oldies, Etc.


NiklBeer Late 80's to Early 90's
Picture taken at RayBoys Saloon.
Those are fake cans of beer...yea-right !
Bubba Castille, Dana Latiolais, Terry Guidry,
Mark Hebert and Kim Leleaux
NiklBeer 90's
These guys were smiling for real.
They were a fun bunch of guy's.
Teddy Hebert, Ken Bonin, Bubba Castille,
Donny Champeaux, Eddie Cormier
& Terry Guidry
NiklBeer 2004!
Ken Bonin, Eddie Cormier, George Thomas,
Jody Castille, Teddy Hebert, Anatole Larroque,
Terry Guidry & Jimmy Drouet

Niklbeer 2015
Teddy Hebert, Blasien LeBlanc, Jimmy Higginbottham, Terry Guidry, Mike MaGee, Kim Leleux, Jody Castille, George Thomas

We really want to thank the "Original" NIKLBEER members for great memories and we wish them well!

Dana Latiolais -- Laurie Labry - Huey Kern

Thanks to all Past NIKLBEER Members!

Boyd Hebert, Lamont Goodman, Mike Bulliard, Anatole Larroque, Eddie Baker, Danny Simon, Josh LeBlanc,
Jimmy Drouet


Danny Castille, Mark Hebert, Lil Gerald "Big Foot" Romero,
Gary Breaux, Blasien LeBlanc


Tony Bruce, Mike Legnon

Sound Engineers:

C.J. Boyer, Earl Bonin, Vernon Escon, Benny Romero

Super Roadie:

BIG BOB Hebert and Tony New (All around super good dude !!!)

Bass, Guitar, Keys:

T-Sal Melancon, Paul Borel, Russel Castille, Donny Champeaux , Eddie Cormier, Ken Bonin

Niklbeer 2020
Kim Leleux- Guitar
George Thomas- Keys
Jody Castille -Bass
Jimmy Higginbotham- Sax
Terry Guidry - Vocals
Charlene Howard- Vocals
Teddy Hebert- Drums
Mike Magee - Trumpet


Avery (Bubba) Castille, Jody Castille, Teddy Hebert, Mike Magee,
Terry Guidry, Jimmy Higginbottham and Kim Leleux

As you can see we've changed through the years ! So going from Soul to Country to French to Rock to Oldies to Zydeco to Motown to Blues to ... whatever...

NIKLBEER.... Acadiana's #1 Party Band!

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